NPSC Volunteers Needed!

UpdatedMonday August 6, 2018 byKatrina Xander.

North Parkland Soccer Club is in need of volunteers to help in critical roles...
Parents play an important role in our growing organization. And volunteers help us to deliver that high quality soccer experience.

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who currently donate their precious time contributing hard working volunteer hours.

Even with some of our volunteer, we are still seeking volunteers to help in critical roles.  Below is a list of roles for which we are currently seeking help:

  • Coach or assistant coach: Especially if you have some experience in coaching, teaching, or playing your child’s sport. If interested please contact our Director of Coaching, Tyler Fenstermacher at
  • Team Manager: help alleviate some of the workload on the coaches by handling, or delegating some of the smaller tasks associated with organizing the team and serving as a line of communication between the coaches, club registrar and the parents. Time Estimate: Variable; up to a couple hours a week.  Current is OPEN for Mini, Kinder, Girls U12 travel, Girls U10 travel
  • Team Parent: Snacks, especially for our younger teams and recreational teams. A parent volunteer usually creates the snack schedule so that all families take a turn supplying the food.
  • Fundraisers: As a non-profit organization, NPSC relies heavily on fundraising for the money we need to operate (yep, that’s in addition to the fees you pay for your child to participate). Parent volunteers organize and run both one-off (say, a car wash or plant sale) and ongoing fundraising efforts. Time Estimate: Variable; up to a couple hours a week.  Current is OPEN for all teams.
  • Field Coordinator: Assist Director of Coaching with identifying appropriate fields to use fr games and practices within the Townships. Works with Township Parks & Recreations to submit field reservation paperwork. Time Estimate: Variable; up to a couple hours a week.  Current is OPEN.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Ensures that all teams are properly represented in the various volunteer positions. Ensures that there is continuity (back fill planning). Works with Director of Coaching to maintain a log that explains the various volunteer functions and helps new incoming volunteers in performing expected tasks. Works with the NPSC volunteers (Team Managers, Coaches, Field Maintenance Coordinator, Fundraiser, etc.) to coordinate the needs of the NPSC teams. Time Estimate: Variable; up to a couple hours a week.  Current is OPEN.
  • Field Maintenance Coordinator: Can you assist in helping to line, repair, seed, or in any other way maintain our soccer fields?  We are developing a "farm team" of people to call upon as needed during the year to help maintain our fields.  Examples of field maintenance are, replacing sand bags as needed, hang replacement nets or fix/attach nets to goals during the soccer seasons (supplies will be provided to accomplish tasks). Time Estimate: Variable; up to a few hours a month.  Current is OPEN.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about these open positions, please contact our Registrar; Katrina Xander at

To sign up for one of these positions, or submit a general volunteer request, please log into your Sports Illustrated Play account at Don’t have an account? It’s easy to register and it’s free!

Thank you!