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North Parkland Athletic Association Registration Form-2015
(New and Returning Athletes)

Please complete a registration form for each Cheerleader.
Player’s Name ____________________________________    Date of Birth _________
Father and Mother’s Name ________________________________________________
Street Address__________________________________________________________
City _________________________ Zip_____________ Phone ___________________
Cell _________________  Email ____________________________________________
School ______________________________                Grade as 9/2015 ___________


Birth Certificate
Participant’s legal address is in PARKLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT- YES     NO
I understand as parent and/or natural guardian of ______________________  that they are signing up for a supervised sport.  While participating in this activity, I understand that my child will be doing supervised activities some of which have the potential to cause injuries.  I acknowledge the fact that North Parkland is very dedicated to safety and will do all they can to protect my child from a dangerous situation, however, by signing this form I further acknowledge that as with any sporting event, my child runs the risk of being injured.  My signature on this form hereby releases NPAA, as well as board members, coaches and volunteers, from any liability for bodily injury for medical claims my child may sustain while attending activities at North Parkland.  My signature also releases Parkland School District and their employee employee’s and volunteers from any claim of liability for bodily injury while my child is attending and activity for NPAA.  Further, my signature acknowledges that I hold harmless NPAA, their board members, coaches and volunteers from presenting any medical or bodily injury claims in the event of an injury to my child. Players must commit to all NPAA games and practices over any other sports or teams.
Signature _________________________________________  DATE ______________
Registration Fee: Cheer - $100/Cheerleader, 2nd child-$85 ($185), 3rd child-$70 ($255), Teenie Weenie’s-$100                     
Paid:         cash                 check # ___________              Amount $_________________
If paying by check please include your Driver’s license number and expiration date.
Driver’s License # _______________________  Exp. Date __________________________